2020-02-26 - 1:49 p.m.
Is anybody out there

I paid to pull my old archived entries--

no one has responded to my email.

there's no contact me option. the whois is set to private for diaryland. I guess I"ll just keep looking?

2008-10-20 - 6:28 p.m.

I think I'm past most of the horrifically embarrassing posts on my new blog... most of them, and I have moved 440 Over. YAY.

So-- I unveil to you the NEW blog--



Scott made it for me, thank you Scott!

Derringer meryl [Love actually]

2008-10-14 - 5:12 p.m.

Ok, I had to remove the comments feature completely-- due to retardedness, not on my part.

So I'm working on getting a new commenting system, and improving the layout so it looks smoother and cleaner. ;) I'm trying!!

I'm super frazzled, so ... don't push me!

Derringer Meryl [Working on it!] Out

2008-10-10 - 4:15 p.m.
Uh oh

I am ironing out a few problems with my new layout. If you're viewing in IE, you probably can't see all of this message (hee hee) and if you're in Firefox, well it probably MOSTLY looks ok... but doesn't look GREAT.

I'm working on it. I also will be putting comments back online shortly... once I get the text to stay put. Darn Text.

2008-10-10 - 3:16 p.m.
cold and wrathful

Still playing with the layout. Thanks to The Specialist for his assistance! It's been super helpful.

Also a big super thanks to Frik who helped me learn how to FTP onto my server (yes I'm that lame that I have a server and don't know how to use it that well!)

anyway, off to more toying.

entertain yourself with this:

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2008-10-09 - 6:44 p.m.
come again

I'm exhausted. I'm ready for today to be OVER.

Scott applied for a new position within our company, so it's awesome. He got an interview today (only two other people got interviews) i'm sure he did a great job. He's just great like that. Scott truly has a talent to teach, I know I didn't understand much about ... computers and servers and junk until Scott helped me. He did wonders. He is truly amazing.

There is a pretty sunset outside. I"m listening to Ludo (the singers of the above lyrics, their song "The Horror of Our Love")

I got a big dock on my quality review for this week. It was pretty bad. I listened to the call, and while I agree with most of what the reviewer said, I still think he has his head up his butt. First of all he missed that I DID note the case, and second, I didn't give the case number because all I told the customer was that we were working on it still, and my coworker had given him the case number for the case we were actually working on.

BAH, oh well.

I have a horrible headache. I have been getting a lot of those lately.... Hopefully they'll go away soon. Scott wants to unpack some this weekend. AHAHAHA, yeah right. I'll believe it when i see it.

Work has been difficult lately, one of my coworkers is on maternity leave, and another quit a few weeks ago, and poor Jen got pneumonia (poor Jen!) so we're severely short handed around here!

I woke up this morning and I felt like I had a ringing in my ears, like... almost like I got water in them? I guess? It's really unusual. Combined with the unique headache, it was not so much a fun experience. All the customers seemed quiet, but loud at the same time (IE i couldn't hear them, but the sound they did make made my head hurt)

Katie and I had a girls lunch today. just chillin' ;) She ran around in the grass outside of work in circles, she was incredibly entertained. I was happy she was happy ;)

Derringer Meryl [pointless update] Out

2008-10-08 - 11:48 a.m.
Long October Post

I'm feeling a little twilight crazy today ... more so than usual, and it came to me that I didn't post my Breaking Dawn release pictures.

I went to the release with Jen and Drama Queen, and we all had a good time. I don't think I got a picture of my hair, but it was gorgeous, it made us a little bit "late" to the party, but It was ok, we had a good time. We went and got dinner/breakfast over at the Village Inn, and Mine ended up being free because the food was... Uh. Moldy. I was going to say "compromised" but that sounded dirtier than it was. I should be grateful that it wasn't like... someone made love to my french toast or anything. GAG. Anyway, You can see DQ here sportin' the shirt I made (yeah, I suck, It wasn't perfect, but i thought it was cute ;))

and Then as we were waiting in line, Katie grew fussier and fussier, and more and more exhausted from the heat, so DQ took her to get a drink, and it was fantabulous. Katie fell asleep in the short drive,

and we all got to share a lemonade, I swear UP AND DOWN it was at least 85 degrees that night. also someone vomited all over the sidewalk. I'm sure you NEEDED to know that, but it's true. WE finally got to the end of the line and got our books, Jen got two copies... and DQ picked one up at Wally World on the way home... just walked in paid for it, and walked out. CRAZY!

I made Katie a onesie too for the event. It said "My Mommy is Team Edward, and so am i!" and on the back it had a lamb <3 lion

We had a lot of fun :)

I found how I want to do my hair. I want it to be a BIT like Elizabeth Swann's in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl right at the beginning where it's in a high bun, and curls down her back. I highly suggest that DQ come and watch the movie with me so we can make sure we can do it. it's not too different from what she did on my hair before for Breaking dawn, just with some curls... heck we could probably just skip the straightening all together in fact!!

I was all hyped up about Twilight release, I wanted to go to the midnight showing, but as I thought about it more and more-- I have a baby, and probably won't be able to do such things until I don't have a baby anymore. I'll have to wait until she's a teenager, and can be trusted to be left alone :( Dang it. Oh well, maybe we can go on a weekend? Though that tosses the hair and dress up idea right out the window. :{

Oh well.

Did I tell you (in my super hyped up voice) that I found a twilight jacket that I'm going to get!?

Yeah I'm in love with it. I would get the girls one, but they apparently don't think girls are any sort of flubby or older. so :P To them. Torrid has Twilight Tees, but *sigh* None of them I want! I do like their shirt that says "What If I'm not the Hero? What If I'm the Bad guy?"

I'd love to put a bunch of money into getting a LOAD of twilight pins. Here's a secret... I love pins. Not like... Broaches and stuff, but pins that say thing... ALA Flair. I would put them all over my canvas HK bag, and feel so edgy and cool. LOL

I would like to preface the following statement with ... I hate (and have hated) handling raw meat, especially on the bone. In fact I cannot stand COOKED meat on the bone and usually pass on eating on the bone food with regularity. I hate it. It usually makes me want to gag.

So. I want to announce that this weekend when I made chicken enchiladas this weekend, I didn't use pre-cooked meat (as I normally do) AND I cooked dinner last night too. Jen was saying to me that we both have the same amount of time to get things done (which is pretty much true, however her kids don't need supervision as much as Katie does, they all fairly well know what happens if you run too fast on slick floor with Socks on. Katie's still grasping...) So I cooked spaghetti last night for dinner... As well as:
*Getting Katie into a bath
*starting a load of laundry
*Cleaning the counters

really that doesn't sound like much, and even takes away the fact that Scott finished off Katie's bath as I was cooking dinner in the kitchen and couldn't make sure she wasn't drowning while I was browning the meat. It's tough like that. But I got some stuff done. Not to mention that yesterday at lunch I did dishes and made Katie and I lunch as well. :) I thought I could live without a high chair, but that's just not true. ;)

I also made biscuits for breakfast this morning, However they were from a tube, and it was much less impressive. Maybe I'll make monkey bread for my co-workers... someday ;)

On another note -- it has come to my attention (I'M LOOKING AT YOU BRENT!) That I don't smoosh over my husband enough. in a quick commentary on that i think that society looks down on people who are content in their lives and with their partners. People say to themselves "it's normal to be unhappy" and I'm here telling you, that NO. It isn't. For some reason we feel the need to fit in with the in crowd who is complaining about their joints achining, or the baby that kept them up all night, or the spouse who doesn't do enough kind and loving things for them-- I subscribe (or try to) the train of thought that if everyone just thought about EVERYONE ELSE instead of themselves, life would be ok. You would be taken care of. I know that things dont' really work that way often enough-- but when it does it feels good. I want people to do unto others as they would have people do unto them.

*AHEM* And in that vein-- I will now smoosh and ooh over the cute and loving things Scott does for me...

Scott comes from a fairly blunt family, they say what they mean and they mean what they say. I'm cool with that -- for the most part. Sometimes Scott doesn't understand the necessity of phrasing things so that someone's feelings dont' get hurt-- but he often makes an effort for me to say things as nicely as he can. I appreciate that.

He makes me dinner. A lot. I love it. He's an excellent cook, and a very thoughtful man.

He watches Katie, all day. This was a lot easier when she was 7 weeks old and slept all day and he could sleep all day (and he wasn't even working graves then!) Now that she's almost 17 months old, she is CRAZY hyper, and cranky, all day. She doesn't nap reliably. She cries and whines and throws fits. We love her. He loves her, and me, enough to not sleep during the day and watch after her. I appreciate his sleep sacrifice.

He's reliable and loyal. He says he's going to do something,and he will. He knows how to fix his own car (most of the time, sometimes he needs help, but he admits he needs help) he can fix almost anything in the house, he knows TONS about electronics and such. He's very responsible, and dedicated. He works hard. He considers all of his friends to be family, and would probably give them one of his kidneys if they needed it (and if it weren't so undesirable as it is a diabetic's kidney...) he's smooshy emotional, though he doesn't show that side often. he's a great daddy. Fantastic. He's stern and loving with Katie.

I am in love with him, and always will be, we work so well together, it's undeniable that our love is true.

Derringer Meryl [That's all I have to say about that] Out

2008-10-01 - 11:02 a.m.
happy october

Happy October everyone! Can you believe it's October Already?!

So We've been sick, as I mentioned, which kept me home on Sunday (I didn't want to spread the "love" so you might say, so anywhere I didn't HAVE to go, I didn't.) Sunday was definitely the worst day of the illness, I'm glad it's past. ;)

However, Scott came home from Church with some rather upsetting news. The Church has no records of Katie. Now. As my father has been a membership clerk, and he's like ALWAYS been into Genealogy and stuff since, well for a while. He's now working in his Stake's Genealogy office, and it's awesome sauce. For real. Anyway, because of all of that, I have a fairly good grasp on how important records are. We keep records for a reason. So I was PRETTY PISSED to find out that they just decided to NOT keep records on Katie.

In case you didn't know, I was pretty pissed that our Bishop made us jump through hoops to get her blessed in the first place. (and this is why all of our blessings in the future will be home blessings.) I'm pretty mad that after all that work that they'd just slough us off like some sort of trash.

And because I'm pretty pissed, I'm going back to give them a piece of my mind. It's annoying that they forgot who we were, and sent Scott and I's records all over EVERYWHERE, but that's just me. I'm whatever. Katie's too small to understand how important this is (or even, if you will, too small to make a decision if it was important to her or not) So I'm going back there, in my nice Sunday Clothes, to give them a piece of my mind, and get her Blessing Certificate.

I'm very unpleased.

I've started New Moon (again) which is quite possibly the most unliked of Smeyer's novels (imo) simply because ... well it reminds me too much of me. I was Bella depressed and rejected. I spent A LOT of high school (especially my junior year, that was the WORST) Asleep in my room, or journaling. I pined over boys I was too scared to chase after-- and then I came out of my shell, I wasn't as social my Senior year as I was my Sophomore year (How unusual) but I had a few friends, and activities I enjoyed. I did debate, Lit Mag, and enjoyed (on some level) School. Most of my teachers either knew I was smart enough and trusted me, or they were unpleasant and I didn't have them long. I was the kind of student (in High School anyway) That appreciated the "I'll let you do what you need to so that you can understand this work." mentality that many teachers gave me. Usually that required a CD player, and loud music. I worked better not hearing everyone else (thanks to my ADD/ADD medication which didn't work so well) I think, if more teachers could understand their students (and visa versa, if more students felt they could trust their teachers) more work could be done. I knew that all my teachers knew me. They knew i had issues, and that If I ran from the class unexpectedly-- It was because I had a bloody nose (seriously!) I took the time, with my parents, to communicate with my teachers that I had needs and problems.

And while I would never ever go back to High School Unless you paid me 2 million dollars.... I'm glad I did something right while I was there.

Derringer Meryl [reminisce] Out